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10 Essential Wedding Planning Tips

1. Set your budget

OK, this may sound obvious but if you don’t know what you are spending then you won’t be able to make sensible, decisions on which suppliers and which services you will commissioning for your wedding.

2. Set your guest list

This may be easier than it sounds, especially when families are involved. Once you know your numbers for ceremony, daytime and evening then you can begin to shortlist venue which are the right capacity. If you need some help with this we have a handy questionnaire in The Wedding Blueprint to help.

3. It’s never too early!

I often get asked when is the right time to start booking suppliers. My answer, ‘It’s never too early!” If you know what you want secure that supplier! Obviously make sure you have done all your due diligence and don’t make an uninformed decision. Some suppliers like venues and photographers will get booked up years in advance.

4. Pick your bridesmaids carefully

Next to families bridesmaids are what cause my clients the biggest headaches! So my top tip would be to pick wisely!

5. Don’t feel constrained by trends

Your wedding should be personal to you both and not dictated by the trends. By all means take influence but above all it has to represent you both. The Wedding Blueprint has nifty little technique for creating your best day!

6. Don’t try and DIY too much

As lovely as it is be to able to create some unique and handcrafted elements for your own day, don’t become a slave to it! If it becomes and chore or stops you enjoying your wedding preps then DON’T DO IT!! Also, it isn’t necessarily the best way to save money!

7. Don’t feel compelled to conform to traditions

This is so important! You day has to feel like YOURS so if you don’t want a top table, don’t have one! If you don’t want your dad to walk you down the aisle (very Megan Markel-esque) then don’t! You can make your day how you want it and anyone who says otherwise isn’t on your team!

8. Use focal points in your design

Rather than feeling like you have to have everything and finding your budget runs away with you, pick one or two key areas which will have the most impact on your day and put your budget to those.

9. Think about your guest experience

Most couples will say that the most important thing about their wedding day is to be able to celebrate with their friends and family. They want their guests to have the best day and leave with fabulous memories of their wedding. Think about how your guests will be experiencing your day as you plan. Keep them fed, hydrated and the right temperature – think of them as plants!!

10. If people offer to help, accept it

Trust me, there is an awful lot to do when you plan a wedding! The average amount of time for a non-pro is about 350 hours so if someone offers to help, let them. However, be specific about what they are actually going to do and discuss a realistic time frame.

Happy Planning!

Emily x

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